Sell and Redeem Gift Cards in Jackrabbit

Gift cards are a great way to add a new revenue stream for your business and bring in new customers. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, graduation, anniversary, or another occasion, a gift card is a perfect way to spoil someone. Sell them year-round to increase revenue alongside your usual services and products.   

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Use the following process to record the sale and redemption of gift cards within Jackrabbit. 

Set Up Gift Cards

Before selling gift cards, there are a few things to set up in Jackrabbit:

Create drop-down list values

  • Category 1 - Gift Cards
    Revenue from gift cards should be directed to a dedicated Category 1; this makes it easier to report on the cards you've sold.
  • Transaction Type - Gift Card Redeemed (Credit)
    When a gift card is redeemed, it must be recorded as a non-monetary credit to keep it out of your revenue. For ease of reporting, it is recommended to create a new non-monetary credit Transaction Type to track the redemption of gift cards separately from other credit adjustments.
  • Transaction Type - Gift Card Sold (Debit)
    When a gift card is sold, a dedicated Transaction Type allows for greater reporting and visibility.
  • Payment Method - Gift Card
    Gift Card will be used as the Method when a gift card is redeemed.
Add store items for the gift cards with set denominations

  • Create the Item # to include the denomination of the card.
  • Add the Item Name "Gift Card #". When a gift card is sold in the store, this note will act as a prompt for the User to enter the card number.
  • Select the Gift Cards Category 1 value.
  • Select the Gift Card Sold (Debit) Transaction Type.

Sell a Gift Card

Gift cards are sold using the Select Store Items section of the Make Sale/Post Fees screen.

  1. To sell a card to an existing customer, select Make Sale/Post Fees from their Family record. If the purchaser does not have an account set up with you, you'll sell the gift card through the Store. Go to the Store menu and select Make a Sale
  2. In the Select Store Items section, search for and select the Item # for the gift card being sold (store item added during setup).
  3. Add the number of the gift card to the Note field. Note: This must be done to allow you to track outstanding card balances.
  4. Select Save Fee & Pay Now to complete the sale and collect payment. The sale of the gift card is recorded on the Transactions tab of the Family record or Store account.

Redeem a Gift Card

Gift cards are redeemed by recording them as a non-monetary credit in the Payment/Credit Transaction Entry screen.

  1. In the Family record of the customer redeeming the gift card, select Payment/Credit.
  2. Set the Transaction Type to Gift Card Redeemed (drop-down value added during setup).
  3. The Method (payment) should be set to Gift Card (drop-down value added during setup).
  4. Record the gift card number in the Chk# field. Note: This must be done to allow you to track outstanding card balances. The redemption of the gift card is recorded on the Transactions tab of the Family record.

Tracking & Reporting Options

Several Jackrabbit reports will allow you to track the sale and redemption of gift cards and identify outstanding gift cards. 

Sales Detail

From the Store menu > Store Reports, the Sales Detail report displays a listing of all gift cards sold over the selected period, including the Note field that contains the gift card number.

Deposit Slip

From the Reports menu > Transactions/Financials, you can use the Deposit Slip to find the non-monetary transactions created when gift cards are redeemed. In the Search Criteria, select Gift Card Redeemed (Credit), and in the Display Settings, choose to display the notes.

Paid Fees Report

From the Reports menu > Transactions/Financials, the Paid Fees report shows your gift card sales over a selected period, broken out from your other revenues. It can be displayed with the transaction details, which include the Note field with the gift card number.

Transactions Search

From the Transactions menu > Search, Search Transactions provides a register of gift card sales and redemptions with the gift card numbers when filtered for Transaction Types = Gift Card Redeemed (Credit) and Gift Card Sold (Debit).