Closed Dates

The Closed Dates feature allows you to designate in your settings specific days that your facility will be closed.

Jackrabbit uses Closed Dates to:

  • Streamline attendance for dates where it is expected that all students will be absent.
  • Alert parents to the closure in the Parent Portal.
  • Prorate tuition fees for classes missed due to the closure.

Add a Closed Date

Create Closed Dates from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Closed Dates (left menu). Use the Add Closed Date(s) button to add the dates of your closures. You can add as many dates as needed. To save a single date, enter the same date in the Start Date and the End Date fields.

A User's ability to add a closed date is controlled by the User ID permission "Closed Dates" located in the Tools section. Edit User ID permissions from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > User IDs (left menu)

Closed Dates and Attendance

When you add a Closed Date, Jackrabbit knows that no students will be attending classes that day. This means there is no need for instructors to go into their Staff Portal, into all of their classes that day, to mark each student absent. Time Saver!

In fact, attendance cannot be recorded for a Closed Date in the Staff Portal. On a Closed Date, students will be listed in the Staff Portal but the attendance buttons will be inactive.

The Incomplete Portal Attendance report will omit any dates defined as a Closed Date. The Classes with Incomplete Staff Portal Attendance (yesterday) Dashboard alert that links to the report will not display on the Executive Dashboard the day after a Closed Date.

Learn more about Attendance in the Staff Portal.

Closed Dates in the Parent Portal

When parents log in to their Parent Portal on a day that you have designated as a Closed Date, they will see an alert message advising them that your facility is closed that day. 

Parents will be unable to schedule any absences or makeups on closed dates. Only a Jackrabbit User will be able to schedule an absence or makeup within Jackrabbit for a student if needed.

Add notification of your closures in the News & Announcements for the Parent Portal. The announcement is brought to the parent's attention until it is viewed.

Learn more about the Parent Portal.

Prorating Tuition for Closed Dates

When you prorate tuition in Jackrabbit there are two settings that control whether or not a Closed Date factors into the prorating calculation:

  • A master setting in your Prorating Options (Gear (icon) > Settings > Tuition & Discounting > Prorating Options > Manage Options (button) asks the question Do you prorate tuition when a class lands on a Closed Date? This must be set to Yes to have Jackrabbit prorate tuition fees for classes missed on a Closed Date.

  • When adding a Closed Date, you can choose to override the master setting and omit a particular Closed Date from the prorating calculations. Clear the Prorate Tuition checkbox to tell Jackrabbit to ignore the Closed Date when prorating.

Learn more about Prorating Tuition Fees.

Closed dates added to your account are not reflected in any Calendar views of classes in Jackrabbit!