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What's New in Jackrabbit

We are committed to providing the #1 choice for class management software through our ongoing enhancement schedule.

The Executive Dashboard

View your Jackrabbit data in an easy-to-digest, responsive format.

The Weekly Calendar - Your Command Central

The Weekly Class Calendar is your class command center where you can add classes, enroll students, find openings, and more!

Families / Accounts

This section covers working with your families, including merging duplicate Family records and dropping unpaid families.


Learn about all things students including the Skills feature and tracking attendance.

Classes and Lessons

All information related to classes and lessons.


Learn about the various types of enrollments and how to enroll, drop, and transfer students.

Staff and Instructors

All information related to staff and instructors, including the Staff record, assigning instructors to classes, the Time Clock, and more.

Legal Policies & Policy Groups - An Overview

Information and procedures for Jackrabbit Legal Policies and Policy Groups.

Fees, Payments, Refunds, and Credits (Transactions)

Post fees (bill customers) and enter payments, credits, and refunds.

Process ePayments

Accept credit cards and bank drafts online with Jackrabbit's integrated processing.

Send Emails

Email is an excellent way to share information with your students, parents, contacts, and staff.

Send Texts

Integrate with a text messaging provider to text families, contacts, students, and staff through Jackrabbit.

Your Revenue and Accounting

Learn how revenue is reported, how to link fees and payments, use Jackrabbit's QuickBooks integration, and more.

Use QuickBooks with Jackrabbit

Export your revenue to QuickBooks Online and Desktop, and optionally export payroll hours from Jackrabbit to QuickBooks Desktop.


Reports allow you to put your data to work, helping you to make business decisions and take action.

Store / Point of Sale

Optimizes efficiency and function at your front desk.

The Lead File

Market to dormant customers and prospective customers.

Costumes and Apparel

Manage costumes (apparel, equipment, materials, supplies, uniforms).

Recitals and Performances

Create your recital in five easy steps.


Events are separate from classes and are often used for birthday parties, parent's night out, open houses, etc.

Stay Connected with Jackrabbit

Collaborate with other Jackrabbit Users on Social Media

Manage Your Jackrabbit System

Information and tips to help you manage your Jackrabbit system.

Security and Privacy

Jackrabbit is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your data