Add an Event Step 2 - Create Event Dates/Times

Once you have completed the first step in adding an event, adding an Event Type, you'll need to add specific dates & times when the event will occur so they can show up on your Event Calendar.

Add Event Dates & Times

  1. Click the Add Event (Date & Time) button in the Event Type record. 
  2. Enter a date in the Add Event Dates window.
    • To add multiple event dates, enter a range of dates in the Create Events From Date and Through Date.

  3. Add start/end times.
  4. Add a Room if applicable.
  5. Set the Status = Open, Notice, or Unavailable to ensure the event is displayed on your Event Calendar, (unless you have chosen to also display Booked Events). For a detailed explanation of the options for the Status field, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.
    • If you set Status = Notice you can change Show Notice Events After the End Date to Yes to have the Notice remain on your Event Calendar after the date has passed. The default is No and the Notice will drop off the Event Calendar after the event date.
  6. Allow Enrollment For defaults to whatever you entered when you created the Event Type (on the Event Type Summary tab), but you can switch this selection for a specific date here if you'd like.
  7. Max Size defaults to whatever you entered when you created the Event Type (on the Event Type Summary tab), but you can change it for this event date only by changing the Max Size field.
  8. Check to Select the days of the week for the event.
  9. Add an Instructor if applicable.
  10. Click Save.

Expand each section below to see more information on creating events.

Event Dates & Times Tab

Calendar View - Event Link Added to Calendar

Event Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What do the different Event Status options mean?

A.  These are the five options for Event Status:

OPENIndicates the max size of the event has not been reached and the event day and time is still open for registration. Events with a status of Open will display on the Event Calendar (if Display on Website and/or Display on Internal Calendar are set to YES in the Event Type Summary tab).
UNAVAILIndicates the event day and time is not open for registration. Event Dates / Times with a Status=Unavail will display with a beige highlight on your Events calendar but will not allow registration.
BOOKEDIndicates the max size of the event has been reached, the event day/time is booked, and no further enrollment is allowed.
HOLDIndicates the date is being held for some reason and registrations are not currently being accepted. Events with a status set to Hold do not display on the Event calendar.
NOTICEIndicates the event is a notice only. It is viewable but can not be clicked to open a registration form. Example: Studio Holiday Closing.