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Jackrabbit is the only class management software that partners with three providers to offer you a choice of credit card processing merchants. Our ePayment Partners are prepared to give you a 100% rate transparency guarantee.

Currently, integrated ePayments are available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom depending on the provider you select.

ePayment Partners

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Jackrabbit Pay

Jackrabbit Pay™ provides credit card and ACH/bank draft processing in the United States with a commitment to provide 100% rate transparency.
Note: ACH/bank draft is not available in Canada at this time.

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C& H Financial Services

C&H Financial provides credit card and ACH/bank draft processing in the United States. Credit card processing is also available in Canada (ACH/bank draft ePayments are not currently supported in Canada).

Casey Cumming, Payment Processing Consultant
C&H Financial Services, Inc.

Toll-free 1.855.602.2437 Ext 1

SafeSave Payments

SafeSave Payments provides credit card and ACH/bank draft processing in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Matt Smith, Sales Account Manager
SafeSave Payments
Toll-free 1.877.393.1699

SafeSave offers a free, no-obligation proposal for Jackrabbit customers. You can call or click this link to start the enrollment process Contact SafeSave Payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can my customers pay online with Square or Paypal?

A.  If you use Square or Paypal to take payments online, these payments will not automatically be shown in Jackrabbit. Square or PayPal transactions must be processed outside of Jackrabbit, and then each Jackrabbit account must be manually updated.

Q.  How long does it take to set up ePayment processing in Jackrabbit?

A.  The setup process with our Payment Partners may take 7-14 business days.  Once Jackrabbit receives your login credentials from the Payment Partner, we'll test the credit card processing connection.  Once the testing is successful, you can immediately begin processing ePayments.  ACH testing will need to be done by you after the connection is secure.  We will email you the information you need.

Q.  When should I expect to see funds processed as ePayments in Jackrabbit deposited into my account?

A.  The standard time for the deposit of funds is typically 1-3 business days from your settlement time, depending on your selected ePayment plan. Contact your gateway to discuss your options. 

Q.  What is 3DS2, and does Jackrabbit support it?

A.  3DS2 is an advanced multi-factor authentication protocol created to aid in fraud prevention and provide additional security. It is only available in the United Kingdom at this time for electronic ePayments processed through Jackrabbit. For those organizations affected, credit and debit cards cannot be entered through the Jackrabbit application other than through the Parent Portal; add and edit card fields are disabled.