Jackrabbit's Setup Program

Are you new to Jackrabbit and want to hop off on the right foot? We offer a free Setup Program designed to help new users get set up for success! 

What is a Setup Call?

The Setup Call is part of Jackrabbit’s Setup Program, which includes five components:

  • Onboarding Coach – A phone call with your personal Onboarding Coach to determine your specific needs.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – Personalized, step-by-step instructions on getting started.
  • Detailed Guidance – Detailed guidance to set you up for billing success.
  • ePayments Help – Make sure you are set up in the best way to get your money in your account quickly.
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – We believe in coaching, we believe in you, and we believe you will love Jackrabbit! After you work with one of our Onboarding Coaches, if you decide during your first 90 days that Jackrabbit isn’t a good fit, just ask for a full refund.

What will you gain from this call?

  • Confidence in managing your database
  • Faster progression in your setup
  • More time to focus on your business

For Self-Starters

We are here to walk you through the initial setup with Jackrabbit. However, if you prefer to get things rolling on your own, we encourage you to use our Help Center. If you get stuck and need a little help, schedule a Setup Call today!

We recommend you download and review Start Up Checklist - Steps for Successful Set Up.