Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action

Setting the right permissions for your Users is very important! Permissions control the ability for your Users to see certain data and take specific actions. Before moving forward review User Permissions for All Students.

All Students, located in the Students menu, generates a list of all active and inactive student records in Jackrabbit. From here you can use the powerful grid to access all your student data.

  • Optional data visuals offer key student information at a glance with interactive charts.
  • Drill down to specific students using filters organized in a slide out filter drawer.
  • List of Students display in a powerful grid: you can group, sort, and customize the information.
  • Take Action - send a message, work with a single student or apply a mass action to multiple students at once.
lFilterslWork with a GridlTake Action

Sample All Students Grid

1 - Breadcrumbs display the currently selected filters.
- Data Visuals provide family information at a glance.
3 - Open filters (filter drawer), Save as favorite, Favorites, Hide or Show Data visuals.
Send Message, More (click to open Mass Actions menu).

Data Visuals - Key Information at a Glance

Data visuals (charts) provide a quick-view of key information about your students. The elements included in the data visuals are predefined by Jackrabbit.

The All Students data visuals are interactive and can be hidden. Use the Hide/Show Data visuals icon to toggle back and forth.


If you have multiple Locations in your organization, this element will display and show the proportion of students in each Location.

Hover to see the numbers of students in each segment or click on a segment of the chart and the exact number of students in a location displays. In addition, the students from the selected location are listed in the grid. 

The number of active vs inactive students is shown in this data visual.

Hover to see the numbers of students in each segment or click on a segment of the chart and the number of active students shows. In addition, the active students will populate in the grid.
Absences (last 14 days)

If your organization tracks absences, this data visual shows student absences, within the last 14 days, in 3 views:
  • Students had absences
  • # of absences
  • Top 5 students with absences

Click on the links or graph to show more details. When you click on a visual, the students are listed in the grid. Click the student's name in the Top 5 list to open the student's record in a separate tab.

Drops (last 14 days)

Shows the number of students who have dropped classes, within the last 14 days, in 3 views:
  • Student has drops
  • # of drops
  • Top 5 students with dropped classes

Click on the links or graph to show more details. When you click on a visual, the students are listed in the grid. Click the student's name in the Top 5 list to open the student's record in a separate tab.

Makeups Owed

If your organization allow students to makeup missed classes, the number of students who are owed makeups are displayed in this section.
  • Student are owed makeups
  • # of makeups
  • Top 5 students with makeups
Click on a link or the graph and the student's information is listed in the grid. Click the student's name in the Top 5 list to open the student's record in a separate tab.

Use Filters to Search for Specific Students

Select the Filter icon to open the Filter Drawer which houses various criteria to help you drill down to specific students, for example, to list all inactive students or to filter students by category.

Each filter you select will narrow the results down further.

  • Once filters are selected and applied, they will appear in the breadcrumbs. Use the red x next to a filter in the breadcrumbs to clear it and refresh the displayed students.
  • Filters are grouped and organized into sections for ease of use and look to information located in the Student record, on the various tabs.
  • Use the arrow to expand a section to see the filters within, or use the Expand All/Collapse All option at the top of the Filter Drawer.
  • Search for a filter by entering a keyword in the search box at the top of the Filter Drawer. For example, enter "skills" to quickly locate and select from the Skills/Levels group of filters. Select the filter and click on any field to see a drop-down list to make addition selections. Choose as many filters as needed.
  • Save your filtered data as a Favorite. Once filters are selected, click the Save as favorite (icon), enter a favorite name, choose if you want to make the favorite a default view, and decide if you want to share with your team. Your filtered data, column width, and column locked positions are all saved. Click Save.
  • Load a Favorite by clicking on the Favorites (icon), select your saved favorite from the drop-down list and click Load. The grid populates the data and the breadcrumbs indicate the selected filters.

Work with the Information in the Grid (Table)

Jackrabbit grids, located throughout the system, are very powerful and allow you to group and sort your data to customize the way your results are displayed. Each grid has core features such as grouping data by dragging a column to the grouping bar. Row menus and column menus offer different options depending on the grid. Learn more about working with grids.

Take Action

Individual Student Actions

Use the Row Menu (icon)  to edit a single row and access options for working with an individual student. A new browser tab or pop-up window will open, depending on the action you select, and you can easily navigate back to the grid.

  • View/Edit opens the Student record
  • Enroll opens the Student Enroll page
  • Email Schedule opens the Email Student Schedules page
  • Info Sheet opens the Student Information Sheet
  • Absence/Attendance opens the Student Attendance Report
  • Add a note opens the Add a note pop-up window 

Multiple Students (Mass Actions)

Choose one of these options to select students and perform a mass action:

  • Select all students - leave the check box in the 1st column unchecked and all students in the grid are selected.
  • Select specific students -  select the check box for individual students (3 students are selected in the sample grid below).
  • Current students displayed on the page (max. 250/page) - select the check box in the 1st column header.

Send Message - Compose and send an email to the selected recipients in the pop-up window. This includes: Primary Contacts, Billing Contacts, Students, Other Contacts, Instructors, and All Additional Staff. 

  • Select the check box for the students you want included in the email. You can select individual students across multiple pages.
  • To send to all students currently displayed on a page (max 250/page) select the check box in the column header. 
  • To email ALL students on ALL pages, leave all check boxes empty. All students will be included, and you can clear students in the email preview if needed.

Student fixed fees - Update student fixed fees for the students selected in the grid. Indicate the Amount, Expiration date, and the Fixed Fee Category 1. Toggle to remove fixed fees from the selected students. Click Update to save the fixed fees. 

Clear UDF Answers - Clear the User-defined fields for the selected students. Select the User-Defined Field Answers you would like to clear. Click Clear.

Add a note - Opens the Add a note pop-up window. Create the note, add a Title, compose the contents of the note for the selected students*, include tags (if needed) and click Add. The notes that are added are added to the student record and can be edited or deleted at anytime.