Email Reports

Search for emails, view sent emails, and check for scheduled emails with the articles in this section.

Search for an Email Address

Enter an email address into the global search field at the top of any page in Jackrabbit.

Email Listing Report

Generate a list of both contact and student emails with this report. In addition, you can email directly from the report.

View Sent Emails

Sent emails to families and staff are kept in the system for 365 days and can be located in the Family or Staff record.

Sent Emails Report

The Sent Emails report provides you with a list of emails sent to your students, contacts, and staff, based on filters (Search Criteria).

Email Bounce Report

Generate an Email Bounce report to identify email addresses that have not been delivered to a recipient.

Scheduled Emails Report

This report allows you to edit the email content, preview recipients, change the scheduled date, and delete the email.