Online Registration Form - Limit Classes to One Location

If your organization has multiple locations, you may only want to show classes from a single location on your Online Registration form. You can accomplish this by modifying the HTML code (link) you are using on your webpage to open the form, for example with a "Click Here to Register" link.

The basic HTML code starts here: 

Where XXXXXX is your Organization ID.

To limit your Online Registration form to open for a specific Location you will add &Loc=locationcode to the basic HTML code shown above.


If your Org ID is 522358 and you have a Location named Jackrabbit Education with a Location Code of EDU, you would add &Loc=EDU immediately after the last digit of the Org ID.

The link code would be:

This will auto-assign the registering family to the Jackrabbit Education Location as well as only show classes in that Location to choose from.