Create Costume (Apparel) Vendors and Vendor Size Charts

Before you create vendors, Add Drop-down Values for - Vendor Types (Costumes/Apparel) and Student Sizes.

Create a Vendor

Enter the vendors your organization typically uses here.

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > Costume Management.
  2. Select Add Vendor to add a new vendor.

  3. Enter the vendor details In the Add Vendor window. To modify the drop-down selections for Type, go to Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Vendor Types (Costume/Apparel).
  4. Click Save.

Create Vendor Size Charts

After creating each vendor, add size charts for each vendor's specific sizing standards. Multiple size charts may be created for each vendor as needed.

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > Costume Management.
  2. Use the Pencil icon next to the vendor to access the Manage Vendor (left menu).

  3. Select Size Charts (left menu).
  4. Click the Add New Chart button.

  5. Enter a Chart Name for the size chart.
  6. Using the vendor's size chart, enter sizes & girth measurements. Size names (Example: Child X-Small) are created in Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Student > Sizes. See Add Student Sizes.
  7. Click Save.

Working with a Vendor Size Chart

Once you have created size charts for a vendor, you can edit, delete, or add size charts or individual size entries.

  • To add more sizes, select the Add Sizes (button).
  • Delete an individual size with the Trash can (icon).
  • Use the Filter by Chart drop-down list to select the chart you want to work with.
  • Delete the size chart by selecting the chart to be deleted in the Filter by Chart drop-down list and then clicking the Delete Chart (button).