Create Costume (Apparel) Vendors and Vendor Size Charts

See a short (2:06) video tutorial on Creating Vendors & and Vendor Size Charts

Create Vendors

Enter the vendors your organization typically uses here.

  1. Point to Tools in the menu bar and click Costume Management.
  2. Click Vendors/Size Charts in the left menu.
  3. Click the Add Vendor button to add a new vendor.
  4. In the Add Vendor pop-up box, enter vendor details.
  5. Save
  6. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 for each vendor used.

Create Vendor Size Charts

After creating each vendor, add size charts for each vendor's specific sizing standards. Multiple size charts may be created for each vendor as needed.

  1. Point to Tools in the menu bar and click Costume Management.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the Vendor.
  3. When the Vendor details open, click Size Charts in the left menu.
  4. Click the Add New Chart button.
  5. Enter a Chart Name for the size chart.
  6. Using the vendor's size chart, enter sizes & girth measurements. Size names (Example: Child X-Small) are created in Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists. See Add Student Sizes.  Save.
  7. Add additional size charts for the same vendor by following steps 3 - 6 or add size charts for other vendors by following steps 1 - 7.

Girth sizes CAN overlap in a size chart. If girth sizes overlap, Jackrabbit's auto-size feature selects the first size that matches. Click below to expand the instructions on how to avoid auto-sizing overlap.

▼ Click Here to Learn How to Avoid Auto-Sizing Overlap (optional)

Many costume companies overlap girth sizes. When the auto-size feature in Jackrabbit is used and a student's girth falls into two size ranges, Jackrabbit will select the first size it detects. One way to avoid this is to adjust girth ranges based on your organization's knowledge of specific costume companies. Rather than create size charts for the vendor in Jackrabbit that overlap, an organization may adjust the girth ranges based on their knowledge of the way the costume company sizes.

In this example of a major costume company child and adult size charts, girth ranges overlap both from one size to the next size up and also from from Child Large through Adult Petite. The organization has chosen to adjust the girth 'from' size so that they do not overlap. They will also will change the max girth on the Child Large to 53.5 and omit the Child X-Large and Child XX-Large.

Major Costume Company Size Chart Example:

Same Size Chart Created in Jackrabbit:

Working with a Vendor Size Chart

  • To add more sizes click the Add Sizes button.
  • Edit a size by clicking the pencil icon.
  • Delete a size using the trashcan icon.
  • Filter multiple charts for the same vendor by selecting a chart in the Filter by Chart drop-down list.
  • Rename the size chart by clicking the Rename Chart button.
  • Delete the size chart by selecting the chart to be deleted in the Filter by Chart drop-down list and then clicking the Delete Chart button.
  • Click the Print button to print the Chart.
  • Click Refresh to update the chart after making changes.