Online Registration

The Online Registration Form allows new customers to create an account online and register for classes.

The Online Registration Form - An Overview

The Online Registration Form is for use by NEW customers to create an account, enroll in classes, agree to policies, and provide payment information.

Customize Your Online Registration Form

Step through the settings that control Online Registration and learn how to customize the various sections of the Online Registration Form.

Test Your Online Registration Form

We recommend testing your Online Registration Form before taking it live.

Take Your Registration Online

Jackrabbit offers multiple ways for parents to enroll students online including a link to the Online Registration form.

Link Directly to a Specific Class

Create a direct link to a class and put the link on your webpage or send it to families in an email or use it on social media.

Track Online Registrations

There are several ways you can be aware of all new Online Registrations.

View Online Registrations

Jackrabbit stores complete data of all Online Registrations in the Family record.

Prevent Class Enrollment During Online Registration

Follow these instructions if you would like to display your class information in Class Listings Tables, but not allow a class to be selected for enrollment.

Hold a Soft Launch for your Online Registration Form

If you are anxious about flipping the switch to Online Registration all at once, you may feel more comfortable doing a controlled roll-out.

Trial Enrollment During Online Registration

You have the option to offer trial enrollments for new students coming in through the Online Registration Form.

Per-Day Classes and Online Registration

If you use "Per-Day" classes, you can also offer the choice of days for new customers using the Online Registration Form.