Example of Split Payment - Entire Balance Paid (Credit Card Only)

Locate the correct family from the Families (menu) > All Families or use the Global Search Field (find a family) at the top of any page in Jackrabbit.

  1. Check to be sure there is more than one card saved on the family Billing Info tab.
  2. Click the family’s Payment/Credit button.                
  3. Enter the split amount in the Payment field, to be charged and apply it to the appropriate fee.                
  4. Click Use Card/Acct on File.                
  5. Select the card you want to process.                
  6. Verify that the Payment Amount is correct.                
  7. Click Submit E-Payment.                
  8. Click OK if prompted.                
  9. Repeat Steps 2 – 8, selecting a different card in Step 5.