Attendance Report

When Jackrabbit is set to track attendance you will find the Attendance report under the Students (menu) > Student Reports. This report compiles a list of student attendance during the time frame selected for the report. Several filters are available to select which classes you want to look at.

Save this as a frequently used report! Click the heart (icon)next to a report name, the heart will change to redand the report will be listed under the Reports (menu) > My Reports for quick and easy access!

Business Scenario

You are thinking about adding a new Hip Hop class and you'd like to know how many students are attending the existing level two Hip Hop class on Thursdays.

Search Criteria

Select a specific date or date range to see which students attended the class. For this example, we have selected 6/2/2022. You can also search for a specific class using the Search link as shown in the image below.

Report Results

The Attendance report indicates all students were in attendance for the Hip Hop L2  - Thurs class on 6/2/2022. One student, Kadie Bowden was late for class and the note added in the Staff Portal is shown in the Attendance Note column.

The Class Record

The Attendance tab on the Class record lists the students in the class and the last class they attended. Use the link in the # Attend column to view all the attendance information for each student.

The Staff Portal

There are 5 students enrolled in the Thursday Hip Hop L2 class. When attendance was taken in the Staff Portal all students were in attendance. A note was added to Kadie Bowden indicating she was late to class. This information will appear in the Attendance report.