Parent Portal Communication - An Overview

Emails are not always the best or most reliable way to communicate with your parents. Emails can get blocked, spammed, lost, or deleted.  

Jackrabbit offers a more reliable way to reach your parents - through their Parent Portal! Even if you emailed the parent and they claim they did not get the email, they can still access that email via their Portal.

My Messages

On the My Messages page, parents can view the past 365 days worth of sent emails, sent registrations, and sent text messages (if your organization uses texting). Click each sent email, registration, or text to view the content. 

Through the Portal, your parents can use the Contact Us page (from the sidebar menu) to send you an email. The email will be sent to the address you designated as the "Reply to" and "Send Alert to" Email Address (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab > Communication).

Emails sent from the Contact Us page in the Parent Portal can be viewed in the Sent Emails Report.