Link Directly to a Specific Class

There may be instances when you want to promote or invite a specific group of students to enroll in a class (on a specific day/time). Some of these instances may include:

  • Enroll in a team class
  • Priority enrollment
  • Class for the next skill level

You can create a direct link to a class and put this link either on your webpage or send it to a group of families in an email blast or use it on social media.

Create a Direct Class Link

It just takes a few steps to create a direct class link.

Use this URL to start: 

  • Replace the X's after asp?id= with your Organization ID. This can be found under the Gear icon > Account > My Account > Organizational Details.

  • Replace the X's after ClassID= with the Class ID. The Class ID is located in the lower left-hand of any tab in a Class record.

  • For the example above, the direct class link =


When you use a direct class link, it will open your Online Registration form. Class openings, age, and gender restrictions for the class still apply with a direct class link. Note: Double check when adding the Organization ID and the Class ID; the number must be an exact match for the direct link to work.

Remember to remove the direct class link manually from your website, social media, and all emails when the class is over to avoid accidental enrollments in a class that has ended.