Registration & Enrollment - Let's Put the Pieces Together

How do registration and enrollment work in Jackrabbit? We want to pull all the pieces together, help you step through the process, and create a plan that makes the most sense for your business.

Let's start with a clear understanding of the difference between registration and enrollment in Jackrabbit.


When a new family's information is first added to Jackrabbit, it is called registration. Registration for a family happens once to create the family's account. 

There are three ways to register a new family:

*Students can be enrolled in classes during these registration processes. When applicable, registration fees can be set to automatically post to the new family's account.

When an existing family (already registered in Jackrabbit) enrolls a student into a class, it is called enrollment. 

There are multiple ways a student can be enrolled in classes:

  • Internally by staff directly entered into Jackrabbit (multiple options).
  • Families enroll their students in classes through the Parent Portal and can optionally pay registration and tuition fees at the time of enrollment. 
  • Do you offer trial enrollments? Existing families will have to contact you directly and have you enroll their students in a new class as a trial.

Every business has its own unique way of operating. To help you design the best process for your organization, we've compiled some tips and recommendations to ensure registrations are smoothly received and recorded, student enrollments are accurate, fees and payments are processed correctly, and families stay informed throughout the entire journey.

Plan Your Strategy

Here are some questions to ponder while planning your strategy:

Do you want to offer trial enrollment?
Do you offer discounts? Watch our webinar, Pay Yourself First - 5 Things to Consider Before You Discount, featuring a CPA! 
Do you need to adjust how you post tuition fees? Do you want to automate the process?
Do you use an online registration form and/or allow enrollment in the Parent Portal?
Do you want to send a link to your Online Registration form for a specific class or offer priority enrollment to existing families?
Do you charge registration fees?
Do you have a plan for retaining families at your activity center? Check out this blog article!

Get Jackrabbit Ready

Once you've got a plan, it's time to get Jackrabbit ready for registration and enrollment.

Create and/or review your class schedule and add classes as needed. 
Transition current classes to a new session of classes.
Make any changes to your classes as needed. Use Edit All Classes to modify multiple classes.
Add class listings tables to your website. Classes open for registration at midnight in your timezone on the Registration Start Date indicated in each Class record (Summary tab) when Allow Online Registration is set to Yes. Note that if a Registration Start Date is left blank, registration will be available immediately.
Review your registration fee settings. In a Class record, Has a Registration Fee? defaults to Yes. Clear the checkbox if you do not want to charge a registration fee during Online or Quick Registration.
When ePayments are enabled, payment can be required with a Parent Portal enrollment. Use Edit All Classes to exclude classes from requiring payment.
Check to see if you need to update your Tuition Settings, including any discounting and prorating. Check out our article Tuition Settings for more information. 

We recommend you review these checklists for additional information: Online Registration Form - Checklist for a Successful Rollout and Parent Portal Setup - Checklist for a Successful Rollout.

Communicate with Families & Staff

Communicate important dates, registration, and enrollment information to your staff and families.

If you expect class demand to be high, use the email template, Class Registration Prep, to email your families. Encourage families to update their payment and student information in the Parent Portal before registration opens to help speed up enrollment.
Email Student Schedules to families a few weeks before classes start.
Communicate with your families through the Parent Portal.
Use the Staff Portal News to keep your staff informed.
Check out this Jackrabbit blog article! Powerful Email and Communication Features in Jackrabbit Class.

Open Registration & Enrollment

New families can register and enroll their kids in classes using your Online Registration Form. Existing families already entered into your system can enroll in the Parent Portal.

Check to be sure that each class has a Registration Start Date on the Summary tab in the Class record.
  • When a Registration Start Date is left blank, registration will be available immediately.
  • When a Registration Start Date is a future date, registration will open at midnight in your timezone.
Confirm settings for all classes. Be sure they are all open for online registration and Parent Portal enrollment. These settings are located in the Class record on the Summary tab:
  • Status = Active  (inactive classes are not available for enrollment)
  • Display on Website = Yes
  • Allow Online Registration = Yes
  • Allow Portal Enrollment = Yes

TIP: Use Edit All Classes to work with all classes on the same page at the same time. For example, if you want all your classes to open registration at a set time of day, change Allow Online Reg.? and/or Allow Portal? fields to Yes. Once you save the changes, the registration will open immediately.

Feeling anxious about opening Online Registration all at once? Consider starting with a soft launch (quiet roll-out). This approach can be applied to the Online Registration Form for new families and/or the Parent Portal for existing families. See our article Hold a Soft Launch for Your Online Registration Form for more information.

Review & Confirm

Now that you have promoted and opened your classes for enrollment, you'll need to keep track of the online registrations and Parent Portal enrollments so they can be reviewed and adjusted if needed.

Watch your Jackrabbit Executive Dashboard! Your Dashboard numbers for online registrations and Parent Portal enrollments will begin to rise as enrollments come in. This area gives you a real-time count at your fingertips.
Email notifications for online registrations and Parent Portal enrollments are sent from Jackrabbit to the email addresses defined in your email notification settings.
The Process Class Registrations report allows you to review all registrations and class enrollments, including those made through Online Registration, from the Parent Portal, and from within Jackrabbit. It also displays additions to waitlists.

Post Fees

Not all fees are created equal! Review each section here to understand which fees are which and how they are posted to a family's account.

Registration Fees

Options for posting registration fees (for first-time registrations): 

  • Post registration fees automatically during Online Registration and with Parent Portal enrollments (defined in Post Registration Fees).
  • Post annual fees to existing families under the Transactions menu > Post Transactions > Annual Fees.
  • Post to an individual family. See Post Other Fees for details.
Annual Fees

Do you have fees that you charge annually or fees that are charged when existing families enroll in a new session? These fees can be posted individually or in groups:

  • Post fees to a group of families using the Post Annual Fees function.
    NoteAnnual fees are not currently able to be posted through the Parent Portal.
  • Post fees to an individual family from a Family record, All Families, or from the Transactions menu > Post Transactions > Make Sale/Post Fees. See Post Other Fees for details.
Tuition Fees

Options for posting tuition fees:

Check out this blog! Tuition tips: How to enforce your tuition policy to ensure revenue.

Stay in Touch with Families throughout Enrollment

Keeping your families informed as they register and enroll in classes is key.

Email Confirmations - Jackrabbit sends a summary email to each family after registering online or enrolling through the portal. This helps your parents feel confident that their child is enrolled. After you process payments, Jackrabbit will also email a receipt to each family.
Student Schedules - Before classes start, you can email families their students' schedules. If schedules are still changing, you can direct parents to the Parent Portal to view and print their student’s schedules.
Enrollment Detail Report - Use this report to reach out to students who completed classes last session and have not enrolled for classes in the new session.