Manager Use of the Time Clock

One or more persons in your organization should be selected to manage the Time Clock in your database. We have broken this process into 4 steps.

Manage the Time Clock - An Overview

Managing the Time Clock is a four-step process that must be completed in the order outlined in this article.

Manage the Time Clock Step 1 - Review Time Entries

With the correct user permissions, time entries can be reviewed in the staff Time Card tab.

Manage the Time Clock Step 2 - Approve/Unapprove Time

All time entries must be approved to complete a pay period.

Manage the Time Clock Step 3 - Close Pay Periods

In the process of closing the pay period, all hours are marked as paid with a paid date.

Manage the Time Clock Step 4 - Export to Express Payroll

Generate a CSV file to export to Express Payroll at the end of each pay period.

Export Time Clock Data to QuickBooks - Desktop version only

Create a file to export Time Clock data to QuickBooks Payroll.

Manage the Time Clock Step 4 - Export to Excel (CSV File)

You can export payroll data to an Excel CSV file.