Daily Calendar (Day View)

The Daily Calendar displays a single day's class schedule (defaults to the current date) by the Instructor. The calendar can be accessed from the following locations:

  • Available on every Jackrabbit page (top right), click thelink, to access the weekly calendar. Click the Day View (button), or a specific day/date in the calendar, to open a Day View.
  • On the Executive Dashboard, click the blue Weekly Calendar (button). Click the Day View (button), or a specific day/date in the calendar, to open a Day View.
  • Classes (menu) > All Classes, click the Filtered Calendar (icon)and select Daily from the drop-down list. The calendar defaults to the current day.

The Daily Calendar is displayed by Instructor and by Instructor Skills. The columns are dynamic and shift left based on which instructor has the most activity. Instructors with the most classes on a specific day will display in the first column. After the class count, instructors are sorted alphabetically by name for display purposes.

1Select the Hide Instructors with no Activity checkbox to remove instructors without classes that day.
2When Show Students on Hover is selected, enrolled students will be included in the class details displayed when hovering over a class block.
3The Show Full Classes checkbox is selected by default. Clear the checkbox to remove full classes from the calendar, for example, when looking for classes to enroll a student.
4Instructor skills are listed. Learn more about Staff Skills.
5/6Instructor time off and availability are shown. Learn more about Staff Availability.
7Hover over time off/availability to view comments.
8A class with a substitute record on that day will display with a diagonal overlay. Learn more about Substitutes.
9Hover over a class name to view class details.
10In the class details shown on hover, Enroll Existing Students or Register New Students.
11Double-click into a time block to open the Add Class modal.