Set Up Your EMV Card Terminal

You will need to download the Payment Gateway Swipe software for the terminal BEFORE you plug it in.

The Payment Gateway Swipe software you are required to download is specific to your payment partner:

  • C&H Financial
    Click here to download the EMV terminal software for C&H Financial

  • SafeSave Payments
    Click here to download the EMV terminal software for SafeSave Payments

Once you have downloaded the software you can plug in the terminal. You will need your Virtual Terminal login username and password for the initial setup and possibly for each time the computer is rebooted. Note:  If required, additional Users can be set up in the Virtual Terminal; contact your payment partner for instructions.

The terminal will come with a coiled USB cable that can extend approximately 3 feet. If you need a longer cable you can order one that is 6 feet or longer. What you are looking for is a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type-A male to the female extension cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why am I getting a decline response of Encrypted Device when I try to use my card (swipe only) reader?

A.  Please contact your payment partner if you receive this decline code.  They'll need to make sure your settings allow for the use of an encrypted card swiper.