Monthly Calendar

The Monthly Calendar is accessed by pointing to Classes (menu) > Class Reports > Monthly Schedule/Calendar.

  • Use the Category 1 drop-down and/or the Session drop-down to filter the results.  
  • Check the Show Instructors checkbox to show instructors and substitutes names with classes.
  • Select a month by clicking Previous Month/Next Month or the Month/Year drop-down.
  • Click any Class Name to display the Class page.
  • Classes are listed in the following format:  Class Start Time, Class Name, (# Openings).
  • Hover over a class to open a small summary pop-up with Class Name, Start/End Times, Current Size, Current Openings, Current Waitlist #, Start / End Dates, Instructor's Name/Substitute Name, Meeting Day, and Class Fee.
  • Print the Monthly Schedule Calendar by clicking the Print link in the upper right corner of the screen.