Texting in Jackrabbit - An Overview

Jackrabbit integrates with 2 text messaging providers to enable you to send text messages to your customers directly through Jackrabbit. 

Twilio (www.Twilio.com) and Plivo (www.Plivo.com) are cloud-based API Platforms for SMS (texting) that integrate seamlessly with Jackrabbit. Once you’ve created an account with either Twilio or Plivo, and have added your credit card details, you’ll be able to text customers from within Jackrabbit. 

Each Jackrabbit database must have its own Plivo/Twilio account with a unique Auth ID and Auth Token. Plivo and Twilio accounts cannot be shared across databases.  In order to have two accounts with Plivo or Twilio, you are required to use different credit cards for payment.

See Texting in Jackrabbit for instructions on getting set up with one of our partners. Note: Twilio is only available to US customers at this time. 

Text Message Guidelines

Jackrabbit text messaging is intended to facilitate urgent and timely communication between your organization and customers. It is not intended as a general marketing tool. Texting has very strict regulations on use governed by the FCC, CTIA, and MMA.

  • DO NOT USE text messaging for marketing.
  • Avoid marketing phrases like "Congratulations", "Buy Now", "Sale Today Only".
  • Avoid dollar amounts or other symbols that might indicate marketing ($199, Buy Now!, 20% off, etc.).
  • Do not add “Reply Stop”.
  • Minimize the number of messages per day. Too many messages will not only annoy customers but may trigger a carrier to block your sending phone number permanently. Jackrabbit will alert you when you’ve sent 200 cumulative texts in a 1-day period. 

Text Message Fees

Jackrabbit does not charge for the texting feature, however, our text providers will charge a fee per text message sent. You’ll purchase a credit amount that will decrease as texts are sent. We recommend you set up your account to auto recharge so that important text messages are not be delayed due to insufficient funds. Auto recharge can be set up in your Twilio or Plivo account portal.

For pricing information visit:

Your Text From Number

You will need to buy at least one phone number from the texting provider you choose (Twilio or Plivo) in order to be able to send text messages.  See Get Set Up for Text Messaging with Twilio or Get Set Up for Text Messaging with Plivo for instructions on how to buy your text from number.

The numbers you purchase from Twilio or Plivo are exclusively used for texting, you will not be able to use your personal or business mobile phone numbers.

If a family replies to your number via text you will receive that reply in email format to the address you've designated as the Notification Email(s) in Edit Settings > Text Messages. Your text from number is NOT able to receive incoming messages. Note: Any SPAM text messages will be delivered to your designated email address since Jackrabbit is unable to filter these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is there a way to turn off text messaging but maintain my account details? 

A.  Uncheck the Activate Text Messages check box under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Text Messages (left menu) to turn off the ability to send text messages. Click Save Changes.

Q.  Is there a report that tells me who has agreed to receive text messages?

A.  Yes, see Who Opted-In? for how to tell who has agreed to receive texts.

Q.  Is there a limit to the number of characters I can send in a text message?

A.  Yes, text messages are limited to a maximum of 160 characters. This includes letters, numbers, spaces and symbols.

Q.  Can a customer call me at the number I use for texting?

A.  No. The text from number supports texting (SMS messages) only through Jackrabbit and cannot receive incoming telephone calls.

Q.  Can I include an attachment using DropBox?

A.  This is possible if the text including the DropBox attachment is no longer than 160 characters.