Checkup Calls and Training Options

Have you been using your Jackrabbit database for 6 months or more? It might be time to schedule a Checkup Call to be sure you are making the most of all that we have to offer! 

What is a Checkup Call?

A Checkup Call, also referred to as a database review, is a 45-minute telephone conference call with a Jackrabbit Support Representative. The call is accompanied by a screen share from within your database and is customized to fit your needs. You can ask questions, and we will demonstrate the answer for you live!

What will you gain from this call?

  • An in-depth review of your database to ensure you are getting the most from the software.
  • Guidance on powerful features that may be being overlooked.
  • A review of your daily and monthly processes with Jackrabbit Best Practice recommendations.

Take advantage of this opportunity to help you improve your use of Jackrabbit and maximize your potential!

Training Options

From Onboarding Coaches and Webinars to Onsite Training, Jackrabbit has a training option that's sure to fit your learning style! Learn more about Staff Training Options.