Compare Events & Classes in Jackrabbit

Events and classes are treated very differently in Jackrabbit, both in how they are set up and how they are managed. Events are typically used for birthday parties, parent's night out, open houses, and other special occasions. Note: A family status remains inactive if a family member enrolls in an event. For the family to become active a student must be enrolled in a class.

Events are created and managed using the Events menu. Classes are created and managed using the Classes menu. 

Below is a summary of the similarities and differences between classes and events:

PurposeOne-day occurrences (birthday parties, parent's night out, etc.)Ongoing class offerings
EnrollmentEnrollment by family or by studentStudents are enrolled in classes
Waitlist/Trial Enroll/Future 
Drops & Enrolls
Attendance TrackingN/AIn Staff Portal & Jackrabbit database
Class RollsSign In/Sign Out sheet availableSign In/Sign Out sheet available
BillingEvent Fee only, no prorating or discounting Post Tuition Fees by Class Fee or Total Hours, discounting/prorating optional
Website IntegrationAccess through the calendar on your website or through the Parent PortalClasses available in Online Registration form, Class Listings tables, and Parent Portal
Registration FormCustomized registration form by Event TypeOne registration form for all
Legalese/AgreementsCan be customized by Event TypeOne set for all classes
ReportingLimited reporting optionsRobust enrollment reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I view events and classes together so I can make sure rooms aren't double-booked?

A.  At this time, it's not possible to view events and classes in the same format.