Private Lessons

Recurring Private lessons (the private lesson meets the same day/time each week and has the same enrollment each meeting) should be set up the same way as regular classes except the MaxSize should be set to 1. 

One-time Private Lessons should be set up as an Event. See the Events topic for details.

Create a Private Lesson

  1. Point to Classes (menu) > All Classes > Add Class.
  2. Enter a class name in the Enter Class Name field. Multi-location organizations should also select a Location from the Location drop-down. Save Changes.
  3. Enter the appropriate information in the Add Class window, using the guidelines in Class Fields Explained. Be sure to set the Class MaxSize to 1. 
  4. Select one of the button options to complete adding the private lesson/class:
    • Save
    • Save & Add New Class
    • Save & Copy Class

Private Lesson Naming Examples & Tips

  • Class names should be kept under 25-30 characters and should provide a description of what they are and when they meet. The class name can be changed at any time by editing the Class Name field on the Class record.
  • Avoid the use of special characters such as * & ! @ or "" as these can interfere with your Class Listings tables.
  • Jackrabbit sorts classes alphabetically and searches begin from the starting character.

Private Class Name Examples

If an instructor teaches only one instrument:

  • Piano - Tues - Lisa - 3pm (when viewing the order is Instrument/Day/Instructor/Time)
  • Tues - Lisa - Piano 3pm (when viewing the order is Day/Instructor/Instrument/Time)

If an instructor teaches multiple instruments:

  • Tues - Lisa - 3pm (when viewing the order is Day/Instructor/Time)
  • Lisa - Tues - 3pm (when viewing the order is Instructor/Day/Time)

Private Lesson Tips

  • Use the Copy Class button on the Class Page to quickly copy classes that have only minor differences.
  • Always set MaxSize to 1 for a Private Lesson. If the MaxSize is set to 1, Jackrabbit's Weekly Calendar will display the enrolled student's name rather than the class name if the class has enrollment. This makes it visually easier for organizations to read private lesson calendar details. Also, if a student is absent on a specific day, the calendar class label will revert back to the class name for the absence date only.
  • To print a private class roll for an Instructor or for multiple Instructors, go to Staff > Staff Reports (Staff Tab > Instructor Schedules).
  • See Import Data to Create Private Lessons for an alternative way to quickly and efficiently add multiple classes at once.