"When the Unexpected Happens" FAQs


How can I collect and store Covid vaccine information?
Ways to collect and store COVID-19 student information in Jackrabbit.
Does Jackrabbit support virtual classes or video conferencing?
Add video links to classes in Jackrabbit to keep your students engaged when they can't attend classes.
Our facility is closing for two weeks, is there a way to credit all families for the missed classes?
Options to offer account credits to multiple families at once.
Do you have email templates to help me communicate business closings/changes to my parents?
Custom email templates to use when communicating business closings/changes to parents.
How do I mark all students absent while my business is temporarily closed?
Record student absences or attendance from within Jackrabbit or in the Staff Portal.
How do I update the makeup expiration dates for multiple absences at once?
Update makeup expiration dates for multiple absences at once.