List Store Items

Go to the Store (menu) > Items to display a list of all items available in the Store. 

Item Search

Use Item Search in the upper left corner to find the exact item you are looking for. If you are manually entering an item number, start by typing in the first couple of characters. Jackrabbit will find any item which matches (it looks at item number, item name, and description) and lists all possible matching items. Select the correct item from the list. If you use a barcode scanner to enter the item number, put the cursor in the search box and then scan the item.

Add Item

Add Item button is located above the list to make creating items quick and easy. You can also add Items from the Store (menu) > Add Item.

Item Status

Item status defaults to Active items. If you want to see only inactive items, select Inactive. If you want to see both active and inactive items, select All.

Each column has a Search Box so the list can limit what is displayed in the list.

Use the pencil (icon) to open an Edit Item window to make changes to the item, copy the item, or delete the item.