Class Sessions - What They Are and How They Can Help Your Business

Session values in Jackrabbit are created by you and are completely customizable to represent a 'point in time' that classes are offered. 

Examples of sessions: Spring, Summer, Fall.  Another option is to create sessions and number them: Session 1, Session 2.

We recommend you assign a Session value in the setup of your classes. If you offer perpetual classes this value is less important. If you offer classes by session and or bill by session, this value is critical. 

We strongly recommend you limit the Session Start/End dates for your Sessions to no more than 365 days. Sessions that exceed 365 days in length will not display as an option in the drop-downs when you go to post your tuition fees.

What do sessions do for me and why would I consider them?

As you create classes, you should assign a session. If you bill by session, Jackrabbit can discount and or prorate during online registration for you as well!

If you use discounting and prorating in Jackrabbit and have a billing cycle of By Session, you MUST have session start and end dates entered in your Drop-down List Editor.

Group your classes into sessions to gain the following in Jackrabbit

  • The ability to run concurrent sessions so that people can choose to come to one session or both (i.e. summer enrollment often differs).
  • Enrollment and revenue comparisons can be easily pulled in Jackrabbit, by session, to look at one period of time versus another period of time.
  • The convenience of automatically posting tuition during Online Registration! Assign the Tuition Billing Cycle of By Session to your classes and Jackrabbit will do the math based on your settings and rules to discount, and/or prorate, your sessional classes accordingly!
  • With sessions, you can keep old classes with an inactive status for reference and open new classes for enrollment (unless you choose to copy enrollment). There is flexibility here!
  • Create new sessions of classes easily by copying all the data and/or enrollments from the current session to the new one. You do not have to reinvent the wheel for your classes each time!

Note: If you find sessions don’t work for you, you can still pull the retention or revenue information from Jackrabbit using dates.  

How to transition classes that are ending into a new session

Using sessions makes transitioning your classes from one session to another super easy! Copy Classes and Edit All Classes are great tools to help you populate your new session with classes in minutes. You may have nuances specific to your organization but you can check out our Help article Transition to a New Session to walk through the process. 

After your new session is created, you will have two 'sets of classes'. You may choose to switch your new session to have a class status of Future until you are ready to begin taking registrations and enrollments. 

Once the classes in your ‘old’ session have ended and all related fees have been posted, you can Archive those classes to keep a clean house!