Customize Your Class Listings Tables with HTML Codes

Learn about the various ways your Class Listings Tables can be customized using HTML code.

Create Custom Class Listings Tables in 4 Steps

Follow these four steps to customize your Class Listings Tables.

Filter (Group) Your Class Listings Tables

Filtering your Class Listings Tables to show only a specific group or sub-group of classes is the backbone of customizing your tables.

Hide Columns in Your Class Listings Tables

Once you have your table filtered to your desired results, you may want to hide some of the columns in the table.

Add Columns to Your Class Listings Tables

Once you have your table filtered and columns are hidden as needed, there are seven additional columns that aren't normally shown, but, can be added.

Sort Rows in Your Class Listings Tables

Learn how to use HTML code to sort the rows in your Class Listing Tables.

Customize Scroll Bars and Colors in Your Class Listings Tables

If you are familiar with using the HTML div tag, there are a few rules you can apply to your scripted tables.

Tricks for Query Strings

There are a few special tricks that can be achieved by adding these parameters to the end of the query string.

Class Listings Tables Without Javascript

If your WebHost does not allow scripting tags, these two options may still allow you to use Class Listings Tables.

Access CMS Source Code - HTML Mode

If you are using a Content Management System (CMS), view some examples to see how to "toggle" the editor to the HTML mode to input javascript code.