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Learn how to use Jackrabbit features and functions fa-info-circle

The Executive Dashboard

Customizable home screen for your database

Families / Accounts

All information related to families / accounts


All information related to a family's (account's) students

Classes / Lessons

All information related to classes / lessons

Staff / Instructors

All information related to staff / instructors

Fees, Payments, Refunds, and Credits (Transactions)

Post fees (bill customers) and enter payments, credits, and refunds

ePayments in Jackrabbit (Credit Card & Bank Account Draft)

Payments transmitted electronically over the internet in Jackrabbit

Online Integration: Web Reg, Parent Portal, Class Listings Tables, and Events Online

Information on integrating Jackrabbit with your website

Reports in Jackrabbit

Reports provide useful data for decision-making and analysis

Store / Point of Sale

Optimizes efficiency and function at your front desk

Staff Portal

Staff can log in to record their time, manage class attendance, and/or student skills/levels

Emailing in Jackrabbit

Allows you to email families, contacts, students, and staff

Texting in Jackrabbit

Allows you to text families, contacts, students, and staff

The Lead File

Market to dormant customers and prospective customers

Costumes / Apparel Management

Manage costumes (apparel, equipment, materials, supplies, uniforms)

Recital Management

Manage your recital (performance, production, showcase, gala, exhibition)


Create an events calendar that allows for registration

QuickBooks Integration

Export your revenue to QuickBooks (Online and Desktop)

Database Settings

Tailor your database to suit your needs

Manage Your Database

Information and tips to help you manage your database

Security and Privacy in Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your data