Staff Portal Setup Step 3 - Send Portal Login Email

The third step of the Staff Portal Guided Setup will send an email containing staff portal login information to the selected staff members. The email will be sent to the email address on their staff record. 

Different emails are sent based on whether the staff person was assigned a Portal Login ID or if their User ID was matched to their staff record.

  • Check the Staff members you want to send the email to.
  • Click Send Portal Login Email. Note: At this point you can opt to leave the setup and continue at a later time if desired.
  • Click Go to Setup 4: Staff Settings to advance to the next step. See Staff Portal Setup Step 4 - Customize Staff Settings.

When the Portal Login ID is auto-assigned an email is sent containing the Staff Portal Login ID (also referred to as username) and a link for the staff person to create a password: 

The link to create the password is time sensitive and expires in 24 hours

When the staff person is matched to their Jackrabbit User ID the email indicates that the login is the User ID and that the password is the same: