Topic Hubs

Topic Hubs are collections of Jackrabbit resources that cover a specific topic. They are pulled together to help you get the most out of Jackrabbit and include Help Articles, Videos, Webinars, pro tips and recommendations from our Team, and more.

These are the most up-to-date resources created with you, our Clients, in mind! 

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Spring Recitals, Camps, and Closures
Tips to help you plan and communicate Spring holiday plans to your staff and families.
Summer Programs
Summer season planning has already started. We are sharing tips to guide you through the process.

Flexible Family Payment Schedules
Learn the best way to offer flexible payment schedules to your families.
Checklists for Success in Jackrabbit
A collection of checklists, all in one place, to help you succeed in Jackrabbit.

4 Step Tuition Billing
Let us help you fine-tune your billing process by following these four steps.
Registration & Enrollment
We've pulled all the pieces together to help you step through the process and create a plan.

Previously Published Topic Hubs

Automate Tasks with Jackrabbit!
Save time and money by automating tasks. Let us show you how.

Grow Your Business Online
Create an online presence to attract new families and to keep existing families in the know.

Keep Your Business Hopping with Jackrabbit
Seasonal changes may affect your business. Resources & tips for your next season.

Holiday Planning
Let Jackrabbit help you plan and communicate your holiday plans to your staff and families.

Your Guide to Year-End Reporting
Reporting doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve created this handy guide for you to reference all year long.