Set / Edit User ID Permissions

Watch a (2:08) video tutorial on Permissions

After a User ID has been created, you may add or restrict permissions based on on three criteria.

User Permissions

From this area, the System Administrator can select which areas of Jackrabbit should be viewable or restricted for a specific user. User permissions are grouped into categories based on the areas of the database that they affect. Select which permissions the user should have and Save Changes.

Use the search fields to quickly locate permissions. For example, to see all permissions relating to emailing in Jackrabbit enter the word email into the User Permission search field.

User Access-Locations

If your database has multiple locations, the System Administrator can select specific locations that a user can access. This limits the family, student, and class information the user can access.  It does not limit the staff information. Select the appropriate settings and Save Changes.

User Access-Category 1

From this area, the System Administrator can select which class categories the user can access. This is often used if a user is only allowed to enroll students in specific types of classes.  Select the appropriate settings and Save Changes.

A user must log out and log back in again to see new permissions take effect.