Enroll a New Family/Student with Quick Registration/Add Family

As a best practice, you should use Quick Registration/Add Family to add a new family and enroll its students in your database. Your Quick Registration/Add Family form can be customized using Tools > Website Registration.  

  • Point to Families in the menu bar and click Quick Registration/Add Family.
  • Enter all required and applicable Family Information.
  • Enter Student #1 Information.
  • Use the Search button to search classes.
  • Select the Class in the list to enroll the student in the class.
  • If Allow Trial Enrollment is set to Yes on the selected class' Summary tab, you'll have the option of indicating whether the student is enrolling as a trial by setting Trial Enroll to Yes or No.  Note: This option is only available if the selected Class has Allow Trial Enrollments set to Yes on it's Summary tab.
  • If you have your database set to allow for Future Enrollments, enter a date an Enroll Date. Note: This option is only available if Allow Future Enrollments is set to Yes in Tools > Edit Settings > Organizational Defaults.
  • If applicable add a Future Drop Date.
  • If you have Tools > Edit Settings > Organizational Defaults > Send Enrollment Email to Instructors set to Yes, check/uncheck the Email Primary Instructor checkbox by each class.  Note: This option is not available if Send Enrollment Email to Instructors is set to NoReview Class Settings for more information.
  • If necessary, continue searching and adding classes for Student #1.
  • If the family has other students, continue adding information and enrolling in classes using the other Student Information fields.
  • If you've entered an email for the contact(s) and want them to receive an email confirmation of the registration, be sure to check Send Email Confirmation.  Note: Checking this will also create a record of the registration in the Family Misc tab > View Registrations.
  • Enter any other required information and click Submit Registration Information. The family has been added to your database. Any students added are enrolled in the selected classes.
  • In the Quick Registration Post Enrollment Fees pop-up box, decide if you want to post the class tuition fee and / or any other fees. You may also include discounts and / or tax if applicable. Be sure to select the Post check box before clicking Post Fees.
  • If you don't want to post any fees at this time, click Close Window.

For additional details on posting fees during Quick Registration/Add Family, see the Post Fees to an Individual Family topic.