What kind of credit card swipe reader should I get?

Credit card swipers/readers must be purchased directly from your ePayment Processing Partner, C&H Financial or SafeSave Payments. Each swiper is encrypted for use between the gateway and Jackrabbit.

There are two different types of card readers available. The most common is the encrypted USB card reader which plugs directly into a USB port on your computer and is simply a swiper.

The other type is the encrypted EMV chip card reader. 

We only recommend the EMV chip card reader if you have a large amount of face-to-face sales with customers that are not already families in your database who have their credit cards securely saved to their file (vaulted for PCI compliance).

Visit the EMV Chip Cards Help section to learn more about the EMV chip card reader. 

C&H Financial

Casey Cumming – (855) 602-2437 ext. 1

SafeSave Payments

Shane McMullen – (800) 220-8611