Recital Management

Recital, performance, or showcase, whatever name you select to display your student's accomplishments, Jackrabbit's Recital Management module helps you create and manage everything for a well-run seamless event!

  • Create and modify your recital using the easy drag/drop functionality.

  • Use the performance conflict gap feature to adjust for costume changes.

  • Create recital programs, cue sheets, and sign in/out sheets for your recital.

The module name defaults to Recitals, however, if you would like to change it to another name, go to Gear (icon) > Settings >  General > Organization Defaults (left menu) > Recital Module Settings and enter the preferred name. The name you enter will be reflected throughout the module.

Follow these steps to set up, plan, and manage your recital. 

Step 1 - Create a New Recital

Go to the Events (menu) > Recitals and select Create New Recitals (button).
Once the recital is created, click on the Recital Name to open the Recitals Editor and move to the next step.

Step 2 - Add Performances

Once you have created a recital, use the Recital Editor to do the following:

  • Add performances with song selection to the recital.
  • Define the length of the performance and add additional notes.
Step 3 - Add Classes/Students to a Performance

Assign classes to the performance:

  • Add as many classes as needed from the Select a Class section.
  • Selected classes list all the students; you can uncheck the students who will not participate.
  • Use the Refresh Rosters (button) to sync class additions, drops, etc. 
  • Add a performance conflict gap to accommodate time for costume changes.
  • Drag/drop performances to change the order of the performances.
Step 4 - Manage Your Recital

Use Jackrabbit reports to help manage the recital:

  • Create a recital program and cue sheets using the Print Detail (button) or Export to Word (button) and all the student's names will be spelled correctly! Refer to Work with Recital Programs for more details.
  • Use the Check In/Out Sheet (button) to keep track of student's arrivals and departures. Refer to Recital Check In/Out Sheet for more details.
  • Use the Print Family Detail (button) to identify students participating from the same family.
  • Multi-Recital Family Detail Report (button)  on the Recital Listings page provides you with a list of families who have different performance/recital dates. This helps parents keep track of their children's recital schedules.

Our exclusive partnership with TutuTix makes it easy to order professional-style tickets for your recital.

The Recital module is defaulted 'on' for users of the Dance, Music, Class, and Mastermind editions of Jackrabbit. It can be 'turned on' for Swim, Dojo, and Cheer users by contacting Jackrabbit Support.