Staff Availability - An Overview

You have the option of adding availability (standard hours worked) and exceptions (blocks of time that override standard hours - i.e. vacation, etc.) for instructors. The Availability/Exceptions feature prevents the necessity of creating empty 'placeholder' classes to indicate when an instructor is available by adding visual color-coding on the Day View Calendar. See Calendars/Schedules.

A user must have the Availability permission in the Staff section to see the Availability tab. See System Management: Manage Users for more information.

  1. Go to the Staff (menu) > Active Staff.
  2. Select the staff member to modify.
    • Click Add Std Hours and complete the fields under the Standard Available Hours section.
    • Click Add Exceptions and complete the fields under the Exceptions section.
  3. Click Save Changes when done.

The Availability tab works only in combination with the Day View calendar and does NOT impact the Time Clock feature.