Store Item Tax Report

The Store Item Tax Report displays a report of the total sales of items in your store. This report is located under the Store menu > Store Reports > Store Item Tax.

  • Evaluate net sales for a selected time period.
  • Report on sales tax for a given month.
  • Analyze discounts given on merchandise.

Save this as a frequently used report! Click the Heart iconnext to a report name, the heart will change to redand the report will be listed under the Reports menu > My Reports for quick and easy access!

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow the report results:

  • If you have multiple locations in your database, you have the option to look at items based on the location of where the item was sold using the Location drop-down.
  • Choose additional information you would like to filter the results by such as Vendor, Category 1, Transaction Date, etc.

Report Results

The report results can be further customized with the ability to show or hide columns of information, sort columns, or modify column widths.

  • The Show/Hide Columns button allows you to customize your report by selecting which information to display.
  • Use Restore Columns to view all available columns.
  • This report can be exported to Excel, as a CSV or PDF file.

The Sales Tax comes from the actual tax from each transaction. If the tax was edited in a transaction, it is possible it may not be calculated to be the same as the default tax rate multiplied by the total item price.