The Value of Using Per-Day Classes

Contributor(s): Amber Smith

Per-Day Classes are a great way to offer flexibility. These classes meet at the same time on multiple days during the week and students are allowed to select which days they will attend. See more details on how this works in our Help article on Per-Day Classes and Online Web Registration.

While your regular session of classes may meet consistently on the same day(s) of the week, Per-Day classes are a popular option for summer camps and summer classes. For suggestions on how to set up camps, check out our Best Practice article Should You Set Up your Camps as Events or Classes?

How are Per-Day Classes helpful?

  • Not only can families choose which days their students will attend, you can also set the tuition fee for the number of classes selected per week. The 1 Day field contains the tuition fee that a student pays if attending the class once per week. The 2 Days field contains the total tuition required for the student to attend class twice per week, etc.
  • On the Enroll List tab of the Class record, check boxes for each day of the week indicate what days students have ‘signed up’ for.
  • There is an openings number for each day of the week and these will be displayed on the class listings and openings reports.
  • Class Rolls are printed out for each day the class meets.

The multi-class discounting feature in the Transactions > Post Tuition Fees function does not apply to these tuition fees.

If you need further assistance with Per-Day classes, reach out to our Support team using the ? button in your database!