Can an ePayment refund be made to a different card?

No. When an ePayment is made using a credit card, a TransID is assigned to that transaction. The TransID links the ePayment to that specific credit card through the gateway. When attempting to refund back to a different card, that is called a ‘blind credit’. This is very risky for you and for your gateway. Our ePayment partners do not allow this type of refund.

If that card account is compromised or otherwise closed or disabled, and a refund is attempted, it will be rejected. If a family enters a new credit card number, it is not linked in any way to the original ePayment. Refunds can only be made to a card that is linked to the original payment.

You will need to refund by another method (cash or check). For detailed instructions, refer to Refund a Settled Credit Card Payment with a Different Payment Method.