Cheer and Gymnastics - Client Website Examples

Precision Gymnastics - also uses their Categories to organize their classes.

  • Their portal login is in the header accessible from every page.     
  • Choose the "Recreational" > Preschool Gymnastics (as one example) in the main navigation. You are taken to the Preschool Gymnastics page which contains class descriptions and the Class Listing Table is shown.
  • Tables are created by filtering by Cat1 and Cat2 codes.  They also use the Waitlist feature for full classes.
  • Under "Parties & Events" > Events Calendar, you'll find their Event Calendar nicely embedded into the webpage.

The Movement Center - uses Category 1 to create separate tables. Website design by Modevfy.

  • Their portal login is in the header, accessible from every page.
  • Under "Classes", choose a type of program. You are taken to that program's page with a class listings table filtered by Cat 1 codes.
  • They use Wait Lists for full classes.