Class Settings - Organization Defaults

Default Class Settings for your organization are edited from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Defaults (left menu) > Class Settings.

Send Enrollment Email to Instructors

If Send Enrollment Email to Instructors is set to Yes:

  • An email confirmation will automatically be sent to the primary instructor whenever a student enrolls in a class through Online Registration or the Parent Portal. 
  • When a student is enrolled from within Jackrabbit, you will be prompted with an option to email the instructor. The checkbox defaults to selected but can be cleared for a single instance.

 If Send Enrollment Email to Instructors is set to No:

  • No email will be sent to the instructor when a student enrolls through Online Registration or through the Parent Portal.
  • You will not see the prompt to email the instructor when enrolling from within Jackrabbit.

For Jackrabbit to send the enrollment email to the instructor, they must be designated as an Instructor on the Summary tab of their Staff record. They must also be assigned as Instructor 1 on the Instructors tab of the Class record.

Allow Future Enrollments

This setting determines if enrollments with a future date are allowed. Set Allow Future Enrollments to Yes to allow for registrations with enroll dates in the future. When Allow Future Enrollments is set to Yes, a date field choice is available when enrolling. Refer to Future Enrollment for more details.

Calculate Class Duration

This setting controls whether or not the Duration field on the Class Summary tab is automatically calculated when the times are entered. Set this to No if you want to manually complete that field; for example, set this to 1 and count the class as one unit regardless of the length of the class. 

Warn If Enrolling Students Outside of Age Range

Set Warn if enrolling students outside of age range to Yes to provide a pop-up warning for a Jackrabbit User when a student is being enrolled into a class that is outside the min / max age range.

Prompt to Update Fixed Fee with Enrollment Changes

When a family or student has a Fixed Fee in place, Jackrabbit can alert you when a change is made to enrollment so that you can update the Fixed Fee. Set Prompt to Update Fixed Fee with Enrollment Changes to Yes to be alerted that the student is enrolled has a student &/or a family Fixed Fee and to have the option to adjust the fees.

Refer to Fixed Fees (Tuition) for more details.