Why are some of my classes not pulled into the batch when I use Post Tuition Fees?

When creating a tuition batch, it is your criteria and setting selections that tell Jackrabbit which classes to pull into the batch.

The selections you make in Post Tuition Fees, that relate to which classes are having tuition posted, point to fields that are found in the Class record, on the Summary tab. 

They include:

To troubleshoot, look at your criteria and setting selections and then look to a class that was not included in the batch. Does the class have the Billing Method you selected when you created the batch? If you selected a Class Session in your criteria selections, does the class have that session value?

Following this logic, you should be able to drill down to what caused the class to be left out of the batch.

If you are unable to locate the discrepancy, contact Support using the ? icon in your database, we are here to help!


You are posting a tuition batch for your Spring 2019 (Session) Beginner (Cat 2) Ballet (Cat 1) classes which are billed monthly (Billing Cycle), By Class Fee (Billing Method). 

The class "Ballet - Beg - MWF" is not being pulled into the batch. 


The setting and criteria selections used:

The Summary tab of the missing class:

  • The class is not being pulled into the batch because there is no Tuition Billing Method assigned to the class.
    Note: The Tuition Billing Cycle and the Tuition Discount Rule fields are dependent on the Tuition Billing Method field. Once a Billing Method is selected the Tuition Billing Cycle field is activated, and if the Billing Method = By Class Fee, the Tuition Discount Rule field will also be activated.