I use the Monthly Billing Cycle. Why is Jackrabbit not prorating correctly?

Jackrabbit considers the Monthly Tuition Billing Cycle as a standard 4 meeting dates per month.  

Prorating will take effect when the class meets less than the standard 4 times for the month. You can also set prorating up to happen when the class meets more than 4 times so families pay more when the class meets 5 times in one month. 

Some months will have days that meet more than 4 times. Prorating will not occur for these special instances since the class meets more than 4 times in the month. The 5th meeting is considered an 'extra' class.

If the class meets 5 times in a month with one week being a closed date, there is no proration, which satisfies Jackrabbit's standard month. The class is still meeting 4 times.


November 2018 had 5 Thursdays and Fridays with Thanksgiving as added a closed date. 

For classes that meet on Thursdays in November, Jackrabbit does not automatically prorate. The class still meets 4 times (the standard amount of meetings for the Monthly Tuition Billing Cycle).

For classes that meet on Fridays in November, Jackrabbit can automatically charge extra for the 5th class if you set it up to prorate for the 5th class. If not, the class met more than 4 times so the 5th class is a bonus and tuition is not prorated.