Client Website Examples - Music

Music studios often offer private lessons with a maximum enrollment of one student per class.  Jackrabbit's class listings can accommodate that requirement.

B's Music Shop - scatters their class listings among many pages which also feature the instructor's bio.

  • From the Home page, Choose Lessons. Then pick an Instrument (or pick "All", the last one), and you can see that Instructor's Class availability as well as a short video introducing each Instructor.  Once a time slot is filled, it no longer appears in the class listing.

InJoy Music - offers Kindermusik classes as part of their program.

  • The Parent Portal is called "My Account" and is in the header in the upper right corner.
  • From the Home page, go to Kindermusik > Our Classes and the page summarizes the various Kindermusik programs.
  • From there, click any Kindermusik program (such as Sing & Play) and you are taken to that webpage which contains a Class Listing table.