Tuition Settings

Use these settings to control how and when tuition is posted including discounting, prorating, and whether or not tuition is posted during enrollment

Tuition Settings - An Overview

Tuition settings, including discounting and prorating, are important parts of the way you run your business; learn about the various options

Tuition Billing Settings - Billing Method and Billing Cycle

Use these settings to outline whether you bill By Class Fee or By Total Hours and how often you bill tuition

Discount Rules - Billing Method of By Class Fee

Tuition discount rules allow you to assign specific discount structures to classes that are billed by class fee

Discount Settings - Billing Method of By Total Hours

Define multi-student discounts for classes that use the Billing Method of By Total Hours and post hours per student

Prorating Options (Settings)

To adjust tuition fees to accommodate for things like late enrollment or closed dates, use these settings to turn on prorating and control how it is applied

Tuition Fee Settings - Control Whether or not Tuition is Posted During Enrollment

Use these settings to determine if tuition is posted during enrollment and whether or not discounting and prorating is applied