Time Clock Administrator - Required User Permissions

The manager/administrator of your Time Clock will need several User permissions in order to be able to perform such tasks as approving time entries or editing staff compensation.

Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings >  Users & Permissions > User IDs (click on a UserID) > User Permissions (left) to set the permissions.
Note: After changing the permissions, you'll need to logout and log back in for the permissions to take effect.

These are the permissions related to Time Clock Administration:

User Permissions
StaffList Staff
Compensation tab
Time Card and Portal Settings tab
Pay Rate Report
Add Time Entry
Staff PortalGuided Staff Portal Setup, Edit All Portal Logins, and Edit All Staff Settings
Staff Portal Settings
Approve/Unapprove Time
Edit Actual Hours in Approve Time
Close Pay Period and Export to Payroll
Edit Department and Staff News
Launch Staff Portal
Manage Incomplete Time Entries
Access to All Time Clock Departments
Time Report and Staff Portal LoginID Report
Staff Time Audit Report
Staff Here Now Report

See Permissions for Jackrabbit Users for more information.