Streamline Costume Distribution with Costume Bag Labels

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Cay Carlson

Once you receive your costume order, use Jackrabbit to help create costume bag labels using the Student Costume Listing report. This is a huge help when you are handing out the costumes to your students!

What will you need?

  • Jackrabbit
  • Arrange Your Labels Text document
  • Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Avery Shipping Labels #5164 or 8164 (or equivalent 3 1/2" x 4" labels)
  • Printer

Export the information from Jackrabbit

  1. Download and save the Arrange Your Labels Text.doc document to your Desktop so the file is easy to find.
  2. From within your Jackrabbit database, go to the Student Costumes Listing that can be found under the Classes menu > Costume Management > Reports (left menu).
  3. Select Search Criteria as needed and Submit.
  4. Click the Export button, select the export format as an Excel Spreadsheet, and click Export Data.
  5. Open the Excel download and delete the following columns: 
    • Approval Date
    • Last Sized Date
    • Vendor
    • Gender
    • Style
    • Do Not Order
    • Unit Cost
    • List Price
  6. Save the file to your Desktop with an easy-to-remember file name, e.g., 2018-19 Costume Bag Labels.

Creating the Bag Labels

Once you add the Avery #5164 or #8164 labels to your printer and open the Arrange Your Labels Text.doc document, you are ready to start the mail merge to create your labels!

  1. Create a new Word document and select Mailings at the top.
  2. Click Start Mail Merge and select Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard from the drop-down. This opens a wizard on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Under Select document type, select Labels. At the bottom of the wizard click Next: Starting document.
  4. Click Label options, select the Label vendor from the drop-down list, select Product Number, and click OK. Under Select starting document, select Use the current document. At the bottom of the wizard click Next: Select recipients.
  5. Under Select recipients, select Use an existing list. Click Browse and select the Excel export you saved to your desktop. Click Open and then OK
  6. In the Mail Merge Recipients window, you can uncheck any student name to omit them from label creation. Click OK. At the bottom of the wizard click Next: Arrange your labels.
  7. From the Arrange Your Labels Text.doc document, copy and paste the text to the first section in your new Word document. In the wizard, click the Update all labels button. All following labels should now include this text.   
  8. At the bottom of the wizard click Next: Preview your labels.    
  9. Click Next: Complete the merge.

When you are satisfied with your labels, you can save and print! If your labels don't seem to align properly, try some of our troubleshooting tips

If you feel comfortable with the mail merge process, adjust what you'd like printed, change the font, add your logo, etc. For assistance with mail merges, please contact Microsoft Office Support.