Weekly Procedures that will Keep your Jackrabbit House in Order

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Jorine Jones, Rachel Davis

Keeping your data updated ensures accurate reporting, empowering you to provide trustworthy information to your customers and staff.

Approve/Unapprove Time

If you are using Jackrabbit’s Time Clock feature, you may find it beneficial to approve time on a weekly basis, rather than at the end of the pay period.

Approving time weekly helps you to:

  • Identify and address concerns with time entries early on.
  • “Lock in” time entries so the entries cannot be edited at a later time.
  • Save time in advance of payroll deadline.

Use the Save Favorites button to save the search criteria, making it easy to run weekly.

Notify Customer of Expired Credit Cards

Conduct a Families Search to see which customers have expired credit cards. This will address your customers’ ability to pay their account balance prior to processing ePayments. You can email families who have a missing or expired credit card using the pre-made template in your database. Add the link to your Parent Portal in the email template allowing parents to login and update the existing card or add a new card on file easily.

Notifying customers that their credit card is expired or is not saved on file can reduce the amount of time spent on accounts receivable collections by up to 30%!

Transaction Clean Up

Fixing transactions in your database regularly ensures correct data. You can do this on a daily basis if you prefer but we suggest doing this on a weekly basis, at the least. 

Transaction clean up includes:

  • Finding transactions that need to be linked
  • Linking unapplied credits (payments) to corresponding fees, if applicable

Check out our Best Practice article Maintaining Accurate Revenue Reports for more details on this process. 

Weekly Checklist

Staying consistent with the frequency of vital tasks will set you up for success. Use these suggestions to devise the best weekly routine for you and your office staff. 

Check out our sample weekly checklist below!