ePayments - An Overview

Jackrabbit's ePayments allow you to process your customers'  credit cards or bank account drafts from within your database.  For you and your customers, the process is seamless, and the best part is Jackrabbit doesn't charge any extra fees to process ePayments!

In order to process ePayments in Jackrabbit, you must have both a gateway account and a merchant processing account with one of our ePayments Partners. We have partnered with two providers and have written code for both to offer you a  choice for your online payments solution in Jackrabbit. 

In addition to the video information above, we have created a document to walk you through all the steps required to process your payments. Download the Guide to Total ePay PDF.

There are no additional Jackrabbit fees for processing ePayments, however, there are fees associated with the gateway and merchant processing accounts. Our ePayment Partners offer meet or beat pricing guarantees!

Use the ePayments Wizard to get started with this time-saving feature. If you have any questions about ePayments, schedule a call with an ePayment specialist today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why are my customer's bank account numbers masked in Jackrabbit?

A.  Jackrabbit has taken the added security measure of masking bank account numbers. Only the last 4 digits of the bank account number are displayed on the Family Billing Info tab.  

If you need to see the entire Bank Account number, go to the Families (menu) > Family Reports > Family ePayment Listing. Note: A user must have permission to view unmasked bank account numbers on this report. Use the Gear (icon) > Settings > Users & Permissions. Make sure Family e-Payment Listing: Unmask Bank Information is checked and Save Changes.

Q.  Why are some payments made with a Visa or MasterCard gift card being declined?

A.  It is entirely up to the issuing bank as to whether they will approve or decline a transaction funded by a gift card. The issuing bank looks at several factors, including whether the transaction is an online transaction or a retail transaction. Jackrabbit transactions typically fall into the online category. This means that the gift card may be approved at the restaurant down the street, but not at your studio or gym.

If a gift card is declined, the cardholder should call the number on the back of the gift card to determine why or to get transaction approval. It should not be considered a family's main source of payment. 

Q.  Can I use a card swiper to make ePayments?

A.  Yes, you can use a card swiper with Jackrabbit. You must purchase the encrypted credit card reader from your gateway provider. This encryption makes capturing credit card information more accurate and secure.  

Q.  Where can I purchase a card swiper with the magnetic strip, not the chip?

A.  You must purchase the encrypted card swiper from your ePayment partner. This encryption makes capturing card information more accurate and secure.