Create an events calendar, separate from classes, that allows for registration.

Events - An Overview

Events are separate from classes and are often used for birthday parties, parent's night out, open houses, etc.

User Permissions for Events

These User Permissions control a User's access to the Events menu and related options.

Compare Events & Classes in Jackrabbit

Table presenting similarities and differences between events and classes.

Add an Event

There are two steps to create an event, create an event type and create event dates/times.

Work with an Event Date/Time

How to enter dates for specific details for the event.

Event Notices (Event Date Status = Notice)

Create an Event that is viewable in the Event Calendar and does not allow registration.

Register / Enroll in an Event

There are multiple ways to enroll a new or existing student in an event.

Use Events to Capture Party RSVPs

Party planning is made easy when you use Events in Jackrabbit.

Post Event Fees

There are options to post event fees automatically or manually depending on the situation.

Take Your Events Online

Everything you need to know to display events online, link to your Event Calendar, and some sample calendars.

Event Reports

Multiple reports related to Events are included in this section.